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Information about SAP branding requirements can be found by clicking on the “Brands” link at the end of each web page on SAP websites. Sap SE, Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16, 69190 Walldorf/Germany, and its 100% subsidiaries (sap) have created, owned and operated several websites (each is referred to as the “SAP site” and collectively called “SAP sites”). SAP sites allow you (“you” or “you”) and other SAP software experts, developers, users and other interested parties (each a “user” and a “user” in common) to participate in a wide range of activities such as information.B. information, the development of sap and software and related services, support for SAP software and services, information exchange with SAP and third parties, publication of comments, publication of blogs, publication of reviews, coordination of future features and activities related to SAP`s products and services. Websites also include information generated and published by SAP (“SAP materials”) and third parties (“user content”), such as text, images, photos, graphics, audio and video, data, code and software (together, SAP hardware and user content are called “content”). SAP sites may contain links to external websites. SAP is not responsible for the content of a related website or for changes or updates to these sites. In addition, SAP is not directly or indirectly liable for damage or loss caused or allegedly caused or allegedly caused by or in connection with your use or trust in the software, content, goods or services available on or via such a linked website. SAP does not control and/or verify linked websites and information provided by third parties. For use, the full agreement between the contracting parties applies to its purpose and replaces all previous agreements, agreements or agreements (orally and in writing) in relation to their purpose. No guarantee agreement has been reached. Access and use of SAP websites are subject to these Terms of Use, also known as “TOU,” including additional or derogatory disclaimers, legal terms, agreements or terms of sale that may apply to your use or access to certain SAP websites, hardware or user content. If the conditions of use are inconsistent with any additional legal provisions, the additional legal provisions will be reviewed.

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