Trademark License Agreement Template Uk

A license is an agreement that establishes clear terms and obligations between you as the trademark holder and another party to which you give the right to use your brand on its products. This trademark licence complies with UK law, including EU competition law, at the time of its copy. If you adapt our model, be careful not to impose additional restrictions on the licensee that could violate competition law. See our brief remarks on this subject in paragraph 2.3 below. 4. Title, Value and Registration – This clause avoids future disputes concerning the person or persons who own the trademark and contains other restrictions on the licensee (s) to protect the trademark (s) (s), for example.B. prohibits the licensee from applying for a trademark similar to one of the trademarks granted, either within the territory or beyond. Clause 4.5 means that if, for example, the licensee loses or sells a trademark (para. B example, due to a contentious record) can remove the mark from the list (s) in the (s) calendar (s) 2) – this should not be used to take any or the main advantage of the license to circumvent the correct termination clauses of paragraph 10. In paragraph 4.6, you complete the applicable parts to find out who pays for the maintenance of existing trademark registrations (usually the licensee). If none is registered and the licensee does not intend to request records, remove clause 4.6. 3.

Brand application – it defines how brands should be used by the licensee. Complete in paragraph 3.4 the bracketed indication and all products granted (as well as offers and other related documents). Clause 3.5 is important because it prohibits the purchaser from using a trademark similar to one of the trademarks granted. In paragraph 2.2, in order to reflect the basis of paragraph 2.1 (i.e. exclusively, alone or not exclusively) when the license is exclusive to hold the first sentence in brackets and remove the other 2; If the license is alone, keep the second sentence in brackets and remove the other 2; If the license is not exclusive, hold the third sentence in brackets and delete the other 2. In the case of the third sentence, this protects the taker by agreeing that the donor does not grant a trademark license to a competitor in the territory on more advantageous terms than the latter, unless he offers the same conditions to the licensee. Your brand is one of the most valuable assets in your business. If you use this license model for brand licenses, you can grant your permission for the trademark license.

With our model, you can easily control how the brand is used and set the validity of the license. If the licence is valid for a relatively long period of time (i.e. several years) and the licensee wants the right to terminate the license for no good reason (see list in item 10.3), then comply with clause 10.2 and complete the required month period.

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