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“Honduras is not a safe country for asylum seekers, and considering that it underscores the main motivation for the Trump administration`s approach to migration policy: cruelty,” said Adriana Beltran, WOLA`s director of citizen security. The tragic irony of this potential agreement is that Nicaraguans, fleeing uncontrolled attacks on human rights defenders, political repression and repression against protesters, could now be forced to seek asylum in a country where there are regularly similar abuses. Meanwhile, Cubans who aspire to a better life could now be forced to stay in one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere. Agreement with El Salvador: The Salvadoran government has agreed to take in asylum seekers returned from the United States. Under the agreement, any asylum seeker who is not a national of El Salvador could be returned to El Salvador and forced to seek asylum there. The ACA agreements involve countries with very different standards, procedures and capabilities; Lack of transparency and oversight by UNHCR; the transfer of asylum seekers to countries they have never crossed en route to the United States (for example. B Mexicans to Guatemala or Guatemala to Honduras or El Salvador); and provide minimalist screenings at the U.S. border that do not provide claimants with a useful opportunity to challenge the finding that they are being transferred. [17] Trump announced in July that the United States had reached an agreement with Guatemala on safe third-country nationals, although it has not yet been ratified by the Guatemalan government. As part of the agreement, the United States proposed to expand and streamline the temporary H-2A agricultural visa program for Guatemalan citizens and promised to boost what Trump called a “new era of investment and growth.” [115] US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2019: Guatemala,” March 11, 2020,

See also Hamed Aleaziz, “Two Gay Immigrants Left Everything for Safety in the US. Instead, they were sent to Guatemala,” BuzzFeed News on February 10, 2020. A new rule on the implementation of the agreements was published this week. Only the agreement with Guatemala has come into force so far, as BuzzFeed first reported, and so far it has affected a relatively small number of single adult migrants, although the government has not published an official census. But the agreements are an unprecedented abandonment of the U.S. tradition of protecting vulnerable populations, all in line with President Donald Trump`s goal of reducing the number of migrants seeking refuge on the U.S. southern border. [19] Susan Fratzke, “International Experience Suggests Safe Third-Country Agreement Would not Solve the US Mexico Border Crisis,” Migration Policy Institute, Juni 2019, The Guatemalan Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, an independent government office investigating human rights violations in the country, oversees the registration process. [85] Workers from Casa del Migrante, an NGO-run shelter, accompanied the takers. Today, a broad coalition of Organizations from Central and North America submitted a petition to the U.S. Congress with more than 2,000 signatures against the Asylum Cooperation Agreements (ACA).

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