Youtube Licence Agreement

By providing content to the service, you grant YouTube a global license, non-exclusive, free, transferable and under-conceded for the use of that content (including for reproduction, broadcasting, editing, display and implementation) for the purpose of operating, promoting and improving the service. We monitor use on YouTube to ensure that it complies with the rights granted under the Ice YouTube license. We rarely download videos, but if you have any doubts, please contact our team at The license contains the rights to all directories that we have previously authorised in the UK and Ireland, with the exception of the directory that has been authorised by other companies or third parties on a pan-European basis. Thus, the license excludes the directory of all major publishers: SonyATV, Universal and Warner Chappell, as well as the local social directory of collective management companies SACEM, SIAE and SGAE. This section applies to users who provide content to the service. It defines the scope of permissions you grant by downloading your content and includes your consent not to post what violates the rights of others. Key updates: The license contains exclusions that are standard in our online licenses, z.B. Exclusions in the use of music for advertising or sponsorship, including moral rights or license music, which is part of a dramatic musical work (except in certain circumstances). Yes, yes.

The agreement gives YouTube the limited right to make an integrated player available to third-party websites and applications in a standardized form, subject to clear restrictions and exceptions. For example, these third parties should not block or remove ads, change the player or some of the video content, or distribute the video audio in any way. During the term of the contract, YouTube provides us with land use data that we use for the allocation and distribution of the royalty to members and affiliates. The amounts paid are determined on the basis of a combination of royalties, the volume and quality of the reported data and our distribution policy, established by our boards of directors. When a user clicks on the link, he/she is brought to the BuzzFeed site, where there are legal agreements in the “More” tab: While the “On” tab for MovieClips does not contain legal consent links, the MovieClips website, which is linked to the image above, contains legal links of agreement.

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